1.8: Does This Even Count As a Chapter?

Hello friends! It’s been a long time, but we’re finally going to update this sucker like I promised to do all those months ago. In the last chapter, the heir to the prettacy line of this legacy was born, Lotney grew into a child, and Winnie got pregnant again.

This chapter is going to be SUPER short. Like, not even 30 pictures, short. It was played out two(?) years ago, back before I started using the nice default replacements and I didn’t want to mix those old pictures with the newer, better looking ones. Anyways, let’s get into it, shall we?


Baldwin: Look, dear. Another baby.

Girbits: That’s nice. Get out of my way.


Baldwin: I’m having a baby, co-worker I don’t recall the name of!

He’s so excited this time around. I am too. Hopefully this’ll be our heir.


Lotney: Why can’t I be heir?

Cause you’re a face clone of your father?

Lotney: ~grump face~

You don’t wanna be the heir of a genetic legacy anyways. It’s just forced marriages based on looks and I’m not even trying that hard for LTWs at this point.


Poor Winnie is stuck with child-rearing duties.

Baldwin: I’m so sorry that you have to inherit this mess of a legacy. But at least you get to marry someone attractive.

Don’t be bitter, Winnie. You love Girb, don’t even try to deny it.


One of the boys rolled the wish for this Gnubb set. Not really looking forward to my uncontrollable Sims being glued to this 24/7 but oh well.


Snow is cute. That is all.

Snow White: That’s right, I’m cute. Adore me!


Girb was broken for most of this chapter. It’s okay though, he spends most of the time upstairs on his laptop anyways.


Sonoils: ~flirt flirt flirt~

Baldwin: Just take up the whole bathroom, why don’t you. It’s fine, I didn’t need a shower or anything.


Sonoko: That infant is TOO LOUD.

You could always take care of her, you know.


Sonoko: Nonsense. I have games to play.

I called it. Didn’t I call it?


Snow White: I just want food…is that too much to ask?


Girbits: There. Taken care of.

Dammit, Girb…


Stray Dog: Is that a ghost?

No, that’s just a Boils.

Boils: Hummph. I’m not “just” an anything.


Lotney: What do you mean x doesn’t equal 12? How could I have gone so wrong?

Stray Dog: This is the life. The only thing I need now are 20 chicken drumsticks. Cluck cluck.


Baldwin: It is time.


Baldwin: I have received a second infant.

Her name is Odette.


Named after the Swan Princess herself, who is beautiful and nothing else. My notes for this legacy were on a half-torn out page of my notebook that doesn’t seem to be there anymore, so I’ll let you know what her traits are next time.


Time to see if we have ourselves an heiress.


GAH! Still too cute! I think she may have Girb’s eyes, but the rest is all Winnie. I think we’re going to need to try one more time for this line of the family.


Our eldest Hottie has a birthday too.


Still adorable as ever. Again, I’ll let you know what her new trait is next time.

So, that’s all I have for you guys for this update. Told you it was super short. Hopefully I’ll see you guys soon for another chapter. In the meantime, happy Simming!


Little Miss Sunshine Blogger

Little Miss Sunshine

This little ol’ blog was nominated for an award? What is this sorcery?

Thanks so much to umbramuse of the bedlamisbi for nominating me!

Like the Liebster Award and the Spirit Animal Award, the Sunshine Blogger Award is a way to share the love around the blogging community and give some recognition to some of your favorite content creators.


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Questions from umbramuse: 

1. Hi, how are you?:)

I’m great, thanks for asking 🙂

2. I’ve had the misfortune of having Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” stuck in my head for the last three days. Has a certain catchy tune been on your mind lately?

“I’m just a boy, and you’re Cinderella. Snow White in blue jeans, I’m gonna tell ya. ‘Ever you want, ‘ever you want, I’m down.”

This song’s been stuck in my head for weeks! If a boy sang this to me, I’d marry him in an instant.

3. If you could only eat one meal, three times a day, for the rest of your life (cost and calories not an issue) what would it be?

PASTA! Any type of noodle will do, but it must be Alfredo sauce. I could also do watermelon. Can’t get enough of the stuff!

4. Is there one thing you wish you could go back and change in your Sim challenge/story/legacy?

I do wish that I was better at taking pictures. But this legacy hasn’t come very far yet, so I have plenty of time to fix that.

5. What tv show have you recently binge-watched or what book have you recently blazed through?

I reread Carry On by Rainbow Rowell the other day. SnowBaz is love, SnowBaz is life.

6. Go anywhere fun over the summer? (Staying home can count as fun.)

The only place I went this summer was Branson with my grandparents. It’s a fun place to visit and all, but they’ve felt the need to take me there three times in the last few months so at this point I’m kind of like, no more Branson for a while guys. We good.

7. Is there a new game/show/movie/book you’re really looking forward to this year or the next? If so, what is it?

There are two books that came out earlier this year that I’m waiting for my local library to get in. The first is Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs, the most recent book in the Mercy Thompson series. The second is A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab, the sequel to one of the best books I read last year, A Darker Shade of Magic.

8. If you had a chance to instantly learn any language in the world and speak/understand it fluently, what would it be?

Such a hard question! I want to learn ALL of the languages! I guess I’d pick Japanese or Italian. Or maybe Latin….

9. Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous? (Where my lefties at?)

I’m right-handed to write, but I’m sort of ambidextrous for other things like sports. For example, when it comes to archery, I prefer my left hand and I’ve always been able to play tennis both ways.

10. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? (Read: Umbra got lazy and is quoting lyrics from a Carpenters song…she’s also referring to herself in the third person. What a moron.)

Because someone cast Avis on me? Thanks, Hermione.

Thanks, Hermione

11. And finally, for you crazy kids and your Pokemans: Mystic, Valor, Instinct, or ‘forget that, the real question is Sun or Moon’?

MOON ALL THE WAY! I’m so excited!!!

As far as Pokemon Go is concerned, I played for like, two days and chose Instinct. But then I got bored. Sorry Pokemon Go fans, not trying to be a hipster doofus or anything. I just don’t find phone games very appealing. But y’all go enjoy your fad, you crazy kids!

I Nominate…

It’s getting a little difficult to pick people who haven’t already been nominated, so I don’t think I’ll get to 11. If you have already received a nomination from somebody else and I still list you, sorry! Definitely didn’t mean to poach other people’s choices!


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My Questions for You: 

  1. How long have you been playing Sims games? Which one was your first?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. Do you prefer the book or the movie, usually?
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That's All Folks

Thanks again to umbramuse for nominating me for this award! Hope you’re all having a fantastic day. Happy Simming!

1.7: An Heir Is Born

Hello there everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had a new chapter of the Hotties and Baggers, and I’ve got a lot to catch up on with these guys so let’s get started!

Last time, Winnie gave birth to the first of the uglacy line and Sonoko found out that she’s pregnant again.


This is totally not terrifying…

Lotney: Hiii there 😀

I think he’s practicing his jump scare face.

White Face

Pretty spot on, no?


Although we don’t have much time to appreciate the scary baby. His sibling (and hopefully our heir) is about to be born.


Sonoko: It’s a girl!

Let’s hope the orange skin is the only thing she took from her father.

Meet Aza Bagger, everyone.


She was named after the main character of Fairest, who is considered ugly because her pale skin, red lips, and raven black hair don’t match the standard of beauty in her kingdom. Our Aza was born brave and friendly.


Sonoko: Let’s age this thing up and get it over with.


While she does have Boils’ nose and lips, she has her mom’s eyes. I’m counting this as good enough since I don’t want too many children for this first generation. We’ve got ourselves an heiress!

Aza: That’s cool I guess.


Little Lotney gets to grow up today too!


Snow White: Who cares about birthdays? Somebody change my diaper!!!

Yeah yeah, hold your horses.


Lotney rolled…no sense of humor. He adds this to artistic and loves the outdoors. It’s a good job he was never going to be heir because he has the most boring traits in the world…

Lotney: Hooray, I get out of this stupid house when I grow up!


Aza: I think my brother stole all the dolls in this house…

You could always play with some skilling toys, you know.

Aza: And why would I want to do that?


Nashira: Hey, I exist too, you know! I’m clearly the most important character in this story!

Sorry Nashi. Do more interesting things and maybe you’ll show up in more pictures.


Both of our founders take to interacting with their nieces. Winnie and Aza seem to get on fairly well.

Baldwin: Who’s a cute little prettacy heiress? Aza is! Coochie coo!

Aza: Haha, uncle Winnie is silly 😀


And how about Boils and Snow?

Boils: Come to Uncle Boils, little one. C’mon now, I won’t bite.


Snow White: Yay, Uncle Boils is my favorite person!


She really does have a heart of gold, bless her. If only she were ugly…


All Girbits ever does is play on the computer. Constantly. And in his graduation robes, no less. I actually have master controller set to not send my home family to graduation because the lag is too bad, so I have no idea why he’s wearing them.


Well, I guess he does some useful things. Not that Lotney seems too thrilled with this development.

Girbits: You want a bedtime story, nephew? Alright, I’ll read to you from my favorite science fiction novel, “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.”

Lotney: Eww, gross. Comedy. I think I’ll just go to sleep on my own, thanks.

Girbits: But…but bonding D:


Time for these two to produce me an heir.


Although a certain someone stumbles in on them during the act. I won’t name names.


Lotney: Woah, I’ve never heard noises like that before! Whatever my uncles are doing sounds AMAZING and I want in on it!

Creepy kid…


Speaking of woohoo…

I wanted to start a cat legacy line to go along with the two we already have, because I’m a masochist or something. So we bought a dog house in which to perform the act…

(Can cats use the doghouse? I haven’t done a whole lot with pets since they cause so much lag in my game. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?)


And adopted a mate for Nashi. His name is Felix, I believe. I forgot to write down his traits. Also, his fur is all weird…I don’t know why my game does that with puffy animals, but it does. Apologies if it hurts your eyes with its terribleness.


So far, he and Nashi do not get on.

Nashira: I refuse to be mated with this furball! Feed him to the birds for all I care!

Felix: If that’s how it’s going to be, I’m going to pour ant killer into your food bowl.

Nashira: It’s your food bowl too, genius.

Felix: Oh…


At least he finds some amusement in playing with our filthy, broken bathtub.


Little Aza never plays with the skill toys. The Kanto toddlers are so good at autonomously making a play for useful objects. Not this one though.

Aza: But you still love me 😀

Well, you are my heiress. I kind of have to love you.


She does get a lot of attention though. Especially from Girb. Girb loves kids.


Baldwin: Gosh, I’m just so buff and attractive.

Winnie’s still as humble as ever, I see.

Lotney: Is that house outside for the cats? Are they gonna be doing the same thing as my uncles were doing earlier? Now this, I gotta see.

Oh boy…


Lotney: I think I’ve got this figured out. The boy jumps on top of the girl and starts smacking her, and the girl screams and moans and that’s how babies are made.

Gosh dang it, Girb and Winnie. Look what you’ve created.


Girbits: It’s time for bed, darling. Our usual routine?

Baldwin: I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Girb. The Simmer’s pretty pissed about what that kid saw. I think it’ll be a while before she lets us do that kind of stuff again.

Girbits: Oh…


Looks like you (hopefully) won’t be needing to do that nonsense again anyways.

Baldwin: I don’t feel so good…


Baldwin: ~pukes out guts~

Hopefully this pregnancy will result in our uglacy heir. But we’ll just have to wait and see! Sorry for the super short chapter, guys. I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but for me Starlight Shores is the worst town in my game when it comes to lag. But there’s so much priceless uglacy material here that I just can’t bear to have us move! I think it puts Twinbrook to shame ^.^

Anyways, thanks so much for reading. Happy Simming!

1.6: Toddling Along

Hello everyone! It’s time for a new chapter of the Hotties and Baggers! In the last chapter, GirbWin got married, Winnie’s having some “weight” issues, and Lotney the toddler learned some skills. Let’s see what insanity we can dig up today, ne?


Nashi meets a stray cat out in the (lovely, totally well taken care of) garden.

Stray Cat: Hallo, humans. Food plz?

Nashira: Back off bitch, they’re mine!


Nashira: Human! Wake up! There’s a stranger at our doorstep and it won’t leave!


Boils: What’s the matter, kitty? Is that big mean cat giving you problems?

Nashira: Stop it with your baby talk, human! Just get rid of that vermin!


Stray Cat: Hello? Anybody home? Food for the poor?


At least Girb was nice to the stray. Sorta.

Girbits: Find the light, kitty! Where’d it go?

Stray Cat: I wanted food, human! Not irritating games!


Nashira: Hey! Pay attention to me again!


Nashira: It’s my birthday.

So it is.


Baldwin: I feel a disturbance…


Baldwin: Oh dear plumbob…the pain…

Girbits: Could you keep it down, Winnie? I’m trying to sleep.


Girbits: Oh poopy, he’s actually in pain! What do I do?


Girbits: Right! Of course!

Baldwin: No, it’s fine. I’m probably just cramping up from all the exercising  I’ve been doing.

No, I think you probably need to go to the hospital. Just in case.


We interrupt this “cramping” to bring you this.

Sonoko: Morning sickness sucks…

At least someone here isn’t delusional.


Baldwin: I went in with cramps and they gave me a free baby. Do you think I should give it back?

No no, it’s ours. Her name is Snow White.

snow white

Obviously named after the fairest of them all, our little princess was born absent minded and slobby.


Sonoko: You know what’s better than a baby? Another baby. From me.

Better make this one pretty…


Time to age up our baby Hottie and see what she looks like.


Drat! She’s adorable!

Snow White: Goo?


Boils: Well I’m bored. Time to take a nap.


Snow is quick to find the toys.

Snow White: You disgust me, little green man. I shall now eat you.


Sonoko: I hesitate to even touch this infant. It’s not nearly as perfect and adorable as my Lotney.

Snow White: I wouldn’t want you touching me anyways, lady. Put me down!


Sonoko: See how much more beautiful my baby is?

Neither of them are as…”beautiful” as I’d like. Besides, it’s not like your kids are in a competition with the Hottie children.

Sonoko: It’s always a competition. Our line of the family will end up much more attractive than their line will end up ugly.

We’ll see about that. Screenshot-267

Baldwin: Don’t listen to your auntie S, baby. You’re the most beautiful kid in the world.

Snow White: Teehee! Daddy Winnie is my favorite!


Looks like somebody let a stray in. But it’s not the same stray from before.

Nashira: I’d advise you to leave now, stranger. Hell hath no fury like a territorial cat.

Stray Cat: Why don’t you make me, runt?


Boils: So I was thinking…maybe we should be official now that we have another kid on the way.

Sonoko: But baby, I thought we already were official.

Boils: Oh, right. Yeah. I was just…testing you.

Sonoko: How sweet!


I thought they were already a couple too. Guess not.


We seem to have been neglecting poor Lotney since Snow was born.

Lotney: That’s okay. Miss Gator keeps me company.


Girb gives the little guy some attention.

Girbits: It’s not like his parents do anything with him.

True dat.


Nashira: One bag of premium kitty food please, waiter. And make it quick, I’ve got mice to chase.


Our lovely Sonoko is taking up the couch that our poor kitty usually sleeps on. I guess it’s good that she found a surface other than the floor to sleep on at all.


Although she almost didn’t make it to the toilet on her own.

Sonoko: Stop cleaning that damn toilet at get out of my way!

Baldwin: If you wanna sit down on all this grime, be my guest.


The so obviously spares children are bonding.

Snow White: Cousin Lotney, your mommy is mean.

Lotney: Yeah, she’s not a fun time, is she?

Snow White: You don’t hate me like she does, do you?

Lotney: ‘Course not. You’re my favoritest cousin.

Snow White: I’m your only cousin, silly 🙂


Unfortunately, she must be pulled away to learn to talk.

Baldwin: Can you say man-made device designed to make a woman’s butt look smaller?

Snow White: High heels?

Baldwin: Very good!


And then we get bedtime struggles.

Snow White: I WANT BED, DADDY!

Girbits: Did you say something, princess? I’m busy contemplating existence right now.


Sonoko: You’re going to be born next chapter, mommy’s little heir.

I sure hope that baby is heir(ess) material…That’s all I have for this chapter. It’s super short, I know. Next time, hopefully we get more pretty and ugly babies to carry on the family name! Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Simming!


1.5: The Grand Return

Yo! It’s been almost two years since I updated this sucker, but I think it’s time I picked it up again (not that anyone actually reads this XD). Once I get a new computer, I’ll be able to start playing this legacy again, along with the Kantos, but for now I still have some chapters left from before my hiatus that I never posted. So I’m going to write them in the interim. Before we get started though, you guys might need a refresher as to the main characters of this legacy.


Boils Bagger is the founder of our prettacy.


He has a girlfriend, Sonoko Lee, and a small child named Lotney.


On the other end of the spectrum is Baldwin Hottie, the founder of our uglacy.


He’s dating this dork, Girbits Worthington. They have yet to reproduce.


There’s also this kitty, Nashira, who does nothing but destroy furniture.

Now that we’ve gone over the Sims in this legacy, it’s time to begin. It’s been a long time coming, but let’s jump right on in.


Nashira: Help! The offspring of my master is a lunatic!

Lotney: That’s right, Nashi! You better run! Stay in my room and I’ll smash your head with my mallet!

This one’s got a violent streak. I wonder who taught him that.


Girb sits down for a respectable breakfast of cake.

Girbits: Last night really drained my energy…I need all the sugar I can get…


He then gives his grandma a call.

Girbits: No, grandmother, I will not be wearing high heels with my wedding dress. Why? Because they’re a male invention designed to make a woman’s butt look smaller…and to make it harder for them to run away. Besides, we’re not even engaged yet.

Paper Girl: I think I want a new route…


Baldwin: Hey, kid. How’d you sleep?

Girbits:  Great since you were there with me.

Baldwin: That’s good to hear.


Baldwin: I have something to ask you.

Girbits: What is it, Winnie?

Baldwin: Just hold on a second, ok?


Baldwin: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About us, and about the future. And even though I don’t know exactly where I’ll end up, I do know that wherever that is I want you there with me.

Girbits: Winnie, that’s so sweet…I feel the same way…


Girbits: Oh my gosh, is that…?

Baldwin: It sure is. So what do you say, kid? Marry me?


Girbits: Yes. Absolutely yes.


Baldwin: I’m really glad you said yes, Girb.

Glad I forced this relationship upon you, hun?

Baldwin:…shut up…


Girbits: I am. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. Not even when they announced the release of World of Simcraft 4.




So these two dorks got married and became the first couple of the legacy to make things official.


Shortly after their private ceremony, Winnie started feeling a bit under the weather.

Baldwin: Oh plumbob…what was in that cake this morning?…


I think we all know what this means.


Sonoko: Hey, there are other people in this legacy too. Such as my precious child.

Convince your man to marry you and you’ll get all the attention, how about that?

Sonoko: Challenge accepted.


I don’t know if she and her monster boyfriend can compete, to be honest. These two have become my favorite Sims to spy on. For a forced marriage based solely on looks, Girbwin is such a sweet couple ❤


Baldwin: That child of yours is a menace! He almost killed our cat! You need to step up and be a better mother or he’s going to end up in the electric chair!


Sonoko: Now you listen here, bud! The electric chair doesn’t even exist in the Sims world! And maybe I’d have more time to spend with my perfect, darling child if someone would fix that damn TV! The noise is driving my crazy!

Baldwin: That doesn’t even make sense, crazy lady!


Baldwin and Sonoko: Person person minus.


Baldwin: Seriously, what is wrong with my body? Maybe it’s just post-wedding jitters?

Nashira: Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what it is.


Lotney: Momma, I don’t wanna go to bed. I just got up from my nap.

Sonoko: Quiet, kid. Mummy’s depressed because Uncle Winnie doesn’t like me…

Who’s fault is that?


Girbits: I’m sorry you had that fight with your brother’s girlfriend, babe. Want me to make you feel better?

Baldwin: Just being with you right now makes me feel a thousand times better, kid.


Girbwin: Shut up!


Sonoko: Hey kid, I’ve got some crazy gossip about that husband of yours!

Girbits: No wonder he hates your guts…you’re a meanie…


Oh look, Boils still exists.


Boils: Well if you’re going to be like that, I don’t think I will. You can just stay in that cushy prison for all I care.

Revenge. The proper way to parent.


Baldwin: Man, that cake really messed me up. First it made me hurl, and now it’s giving me a food baby.

Right. Food baby.

Baldwin: Just you wait. I’ll have this extra fat worked off in no time. A bloated Winnie is a hard working Winnie.

Ok. You just try that. Let me know how it works for you.


Girb has another nutritious breakfast.




He then goes to visit the child, one of his favorite pastimes.

Girbits: I think I’d like one of my own someday. Unfortunately, Winnie said it’s too early for us to be thinking about kids yet…

Oh, I think you might be getting one sooner than you’d expect…


Baldwin: I’m so getting me and Girb tickets to see the Llamas game tonight! He’s gonna be psyched!

Sonoko: Do I look like I care?


Girbits: This washer is LOUD!!!!

I feel your pain, hun. Screenshot-232

Winnie finally gets around to fixing the TV. As you can see, there’s plenty more in the house that needs to be fixed, but he can’t work out without the telly, so it’s first.


When he’s finished, Girb is quick to swoop in for a kiss.

Girbits: It’s a congrats kiss. For fixing the TV.

Baldwin: Heh. Thanks, kid.


Then it’s right to working out.

Baldwin: I’m telling ya, I’ve gotta work off this extra fat. It’s disgraceful, really. Who wants to sleep with a guy who has a food baby?


Boils apparently got over his grudge against the child and is teaching him to walk.

Lotney: Once I am fully mobile, I’ll really be able to wreak havoc!


More Girbwin cuteness.


Girbits: Just so you know, Winnie, I still find you very sexy even with the food baby. And to prove it, here’s what I’m gonna do to you tonight… ~inaudible whispers~

Baldwin: Oh…oh my…damn kid, where’d you learn to talk like that?…


Girbits: Wanna head to the bedroom?

Baldwin: Oh yeah. Just let me finish admiring the view.


Sonoko: I know you think those dweebs are adorable, but come pay attention to me now! It’s my birthday!

Boils: Dammit, Sonoko! Your birthday is in the way of my door!


Boils: Yay! You go, honey!

Sonoko: I don’t feel any different.


Boils: Birthday sexy-times?

Sonoko: Yes please.

With both couples about to share private moments together, I think it’s time we leave them alone. I’m so happy to be back writing this legacy after all this time. Genetic challenges are my favorites, and I’m pumped to see what the future of this legacy has in store for us! For all two of you who might actually read this, thanks so much for your time! Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season so far and, as always, happy Simming!

1.4: Manly Loving

It’s been so long, but we’re going back to the Hotties and the Baggers!


If you remember, last time, Lotney Bagger was born. The only thing he seems to have of his mother’s is her skin tone.

Sonoko: Isn’t my baby gorgeous?

Sure he is.


Nashira: I can haz cake nao too, plz?


Sonoko: Sleep well, darling.

Lotney: But momma, I’m not sleepy yet.

The first of many…


Our little kitty is too cute.


That is, when she’s not destroying the furniture…


Look how happy they are….well, they’re not together yet, but they will be. Mark my words.


Baldwin: Ok kiddo, time for Uncle Winnie to teach you some life skills.


Isn’t Uncle Winnie a sweetheart? I feel like he’s going to be the main parental figure around here.


And then I forgot I’m not allowed to control Girb used Girb’s one adult action to get some flirting started between these two.


Girbits: You know, I have to admit it. You’re one attractive guy.


Baldwin: Oh, good. You finally noticed. Thumbs up for you 🙂


Girbits: Can you believe the creator still wants us to get married to each other?

Baldwin: Lol, what a ridiculous thought.


Girbits: Hehe….yeah…ridiculous…

(Look how big Girb’s face is compared to Winnie’s)


Baldwin: Best bros for life, right, kid?


Girbits: Yeah…bros…


Baldwin: You’re actually a pretty cool kid, you know that?


Girbits: You really think so?

Baldwin: Yeah…in fact…



Baldwin: Would it be ok if I maybe did that again sometime?

Girbits: I think that can be arranged…


Success! I told you I’d have my way.


Girbits love children: Exhibit A.


Boils: This is a very nice door.

Where have you been all update?

Boils: Admiring this magnificent craftsmanship.


He may be a clone of his father, but I think Lotney is pretty adorable. I seem to have a soft spot for all Sims born in game, no matter how hideously fugly they are.


~sigh~ Who left these waffles in the oven?


Girbits: Can’t you put this fire out any faster?

Boils: It’s not like I’m getting much help from the peanut gallery!


Innocent little Lotney isn’t even aware of the near disaster right outside the house.

Lotney: Blocks are the absolute best 😀


Girbits loves children: Exhibit B.


Nashira: Will you provide me with cake, kind sir?

Girbits: Since when did we have a cat?

Since forever.


Boils and Nashira are still the best of friends, even if he’s often too busy to play.


Girb, it’s late. Why aren’t you in bed?

Gibrits: Winnie is late. I’m going to wait up for him.


Girbits: Nevermind, I give up. Too late.

That didn’t take long…he got home about ten minutes later.


Girbits: ~sobs~ You’re late….

Baldwin: Look kid, I’m sorry. I had to work late.


Baldwin: Why don’t I make it up to you?


Boils: Yeah, you nail that son of a gun, little brother!


Baldwin: Ummm, a little privacy please, big bro?


That’s right, go tend to your child.


These two…far more adorable than I had anticipated…


Meanwhile, in the other bedroom…..

And that’s where we’re going to end this chapter, but there’s plenty more where that came from coming up sometime in the near future. Have a great night, everybody 😀

1.3: Destruction (Of Furniture)



Then go eat. I don’t control you, remember? Gosh, I hate when they do this…

By the way, I forgot to introduce Sonoko last time, didn’t I? Well, she is a brave, snobby genius who craves attention and sleeps a lot. She enjoys electronica, cobbler, and the color lilac, and wants to live in the lap of luxury. She is also a sagittarius (which a good chunk of my Sims seem to be.) Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, on with the story!


The garden’s looking kinda grim…

Boils: That’s because you forgot to have me tend it yesterday, you horrid Simmer.

Sheesh…I’m sorry…I told you this would happen…


The kitty’s name is Nashira, by the way, and she and Boils are instant best friends.

Boils: Here, kitty kitty….

Nashira: Attention? For me?




Sonoko tries to be friendly with the kitty too, but she never seems that interested.

Nashira: Stay back, human!

Boils is a human too.

Nashira: Yeah, like I believe that.


Sonoko: Maybe now that we’re having a baby, he’ll at least agree to be my boyfriend.

I wouldn’t bet on it…


Ewww, gross! Get out of the dirty toilet water! You have toys to play with!

Nashira: But this is far more entertaining.


Shouldn’t HE be giving YOU the massage, Sonoko?

Boils: You just don’t understand how stressful it is to be the lover of a pregnant woman.


….I don’t even have anything to say anymore…


Baldwin: Gosh dang crummy toilet breaking all the time…

Welcome to the life of a legacy founder…


Baldwin: You know, you should really exercise more. Maybe then Boils will marry you.

Winnie, don’t get her hopes up!


Boils: I sense that my brother is talking about marriage again…

He is. You know, you’ve got a kid on the way. Maybe you should consider…

Boils: NOPE.


Nashira: No, please sir…I’m just an innocent kitty…you wouldn’t wanna eat me for dinner…

Poor little kitty has nightmares…SHE DESERVES IT FOR DESTROYING MY FURNITURE!


D’awww, sweet little puppy 🙂


Do you ever get that one Sims couple that, as soon as you give them the option to autonomously woohoo, they won’t ever stop? Yeah, that’s these two…


Nashi is adorable, even if I get really annoyed with her shenanigans.

Nashira: I know I’m fabulous.


I love that she cooks. All the time. It may sometimes waste money, but at least I don’t have to waste the boys’ time preparing meals.

Sonoko: Glad to be of service.


Boils spends a lot of his time in the garden. For now, at least. Once I plop down that gypsy wagon, that will probably change. But it’s a decent income for now.


Winnie, you look so lonely…

Baldwin: I just wish that I had someone in my life like my big bro has Sonoko…

Well…there’s always Girbits…

Baldwin: …..


These two are pretty adorable…also, nobody does any laundry in this house and it’s annoying…


D’awww, why you no like racoon?

Nashira: The darn thing is stealing my screen time!


Baldwin: Hey kid, why don’t you come over here? Why? Because the creator said so. I know what she wants to do with us…just get your butt over here before I drag you here myself.


These two are actually pretty adorable together, not gonna lie.


Sonoko: Can you believe our creator expects you to make babies with that weird kid? That’s, like, not even possible.

You don’t know my powers.


Baldwin: Speaking of kids…isn’t yours about to pop?


Sonoko: Oh, isn’t it exciting? In just a little while, Boils and I will have a baby all our own!

Yay, baby 🙂


So, there’s a good reason why I’m aging up Girb. His birthday was last night, and he got stuck aging. Plus, I’m impatient. But rest assured, my cheating did not pay off. The game forced him into school and I had to invite him back over later.


Baldwin: LOL, what a dweeb.


Boils: There you go, my sweet. Go give birth to our child. I think I’ll just stay here and hang out with my bro…

Sonoko: Oh, thank you dear…wait, what?


See? He’s back over.

Baldwin: Do you play baseball? You really should. If you were more manly, I might actually be into you…but probably not.


Sonoko: This thing came out of me…

Ladies and gents, meet the first baby of generation 2, Lotney!


He’s an artist who loves the outdoors. The naming theme for this legacy is as follows: all the Bagger children, such as little Lotney, will be named after characters from movies, TV shows, books, games, and what have you, who are ugly. The same goes for the Hottie children, except they will be named after attractive characters. If you have any suggestions for names, feel free to leave them down in the comments.


Baldwin: Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you look at some of my…special magazines…

Girbits: Teehee…boobies…


Baldwin: So…wanna ditch your stalker granny and move in with us?

Girbits: Sure, why not?

Baldwin: Cool.

You guys are falling right into my trap…


Boils: So, now that we have a baby, I was thinking…

Sonoko: Are you finally asking me out?

Boils: That’s not what I…

Sonoko: YAY! Girlfriend for life until marriage!

Boils: What did I just get myself into?…


Ok, birthday time.


Girbits: Awww yeah, I’m one sexy mo-fo.

You’re certainly something…


Baldwin: LOL, he’s even more stupid looking than before!


So…I hate babies. I am not dealing with them in this challenge. I won’t grow babies up early in the Kanto legacy since it’s a bit more formal, but I really don’t care in this one.


Lotney: Am I cute?

Well…you look just like your father, that’s for sure…

Lotney: Yay!

Not yay…


He’s pretty adorable sometimes…

Lotney: I shall devour your soul, puny doll thing!


Oh, good. You will sleep in the same bed.

Girbits: Reluctantly.

Sure…well, that’s all for this chapter, guys. Will Girb and Winnie ever realize their feelings for each other? Will Lotney turn out cuter than he looks now? Will Boils back out of his commitment? Find out next time!

1.2: Baby Incoming and Other Occurrences


Good morning, Sonoko. Making breakfast, I see?

Sonoko: Mhmm. Those lazy men sure aren’t going to.

I love her already.


Sonoko: Oh, hello ex-husband. No, I do not wish to speak to you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to burn the waffles.


Boils: Hey baby brother, I have a question for you…are you straight?


Baldwin: Straight as a line, bro. Why do you ask?

Boils: Ummm…no reason…

Quick, distract him!


That’s right, Winnie, just forget about that super awkward conversation.


Even better distraction.

Baldwin: This working out thing is staring to work out!


Hey Boils, I have a surprise for you.


KITTY! (Whose name I don’t remember…I’m an awesome legacy blogger, aren’t I?)


Baldwin: A litter box? But I wanted a puppy!

Sorry Winnie, but your brother rolled the wish for this little fella. Speaking of which…picspam time!




Kitten: Stop taking pictures of me, woman!

Sorry…just one more, I promise…


There. Picspam complete. You may now continue doing whatever it is kittens do.


Boils: I am satisfied.

Good, because I have a job for you.


Hey, Sonoko, what’s up?

Sonoko: I am extremely unimpressed with this cat.

You’ll warm up to the little guy eventually.


Boils: What am I doing here?

Spouse hunting.

Boils: But I have my baby momma already.

It’s not for you, silly.


Is this the same queer looking guy from the first chapter? Not really sure, but he’s certainly an option at this point.


She’s interesting looking, but I think she might be an elder.


Perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, we have found our uglacy mate.


Boils: Hello, teenaged boy. Prepare for a lifetime of having everything you do documented and posted online.

Girbits: Ummm….


After a bit of schmoozing, I decided that it was time for Girb to meet his future husband.

Boils: So, kid, wanna come back to my place?

Girbits: Sure! I see nothing wrong with this plan.

Sheesh, kid, didn’t they ever teach you about stranger danger? Not that I’m complaining.


Hey, who invited you?

Woman: I had to make sure my naive little grandson wasn’t getting into any trouble.

Oh, ok then. You may stay. For now…


Girbits’s Grandma: Honey, when is that hideous creature gonna give you a ring?

Sonoko: Sadly, I doubt he ever will….

If a ring is what you wanted, you should’ve stayed with that husband of yours.


Sonoko: And then the young girl turned around and saw the hideous creature!

Honey, nobody is impressed with your ghost stories. Seriously, I hate this interaction. It’s so obnoxious…


Girbits, quit being a good student. You have a future spouse to befriend.


Baldwin: Hey, kid. My name’s Baldwin, and you are ever so lucky to be in my presence.


They seem to be getting along quite nicely.


We interrupt their bonding to bring you…pregnant Sonoko! Yay, generation two is coming 🙂

Sonoko: Maybe now Boils will marry me.

Don’t get your hopes up.


Baldwin: Can you believe our simmer wants us to sleep together? In the same bed? No offense, kid, but you’re not only not my time, but you’re also a guy. And that’s just wrong.

Girbits: I’m totally with you!


Girb’s grandma’s certainly making herself at home.

Grandma: So tired…

Then leave.

Grandma: I can’t leave my Girby alone. Who knows what sick, twisted things that Baldwin fellow will do to him…

Haven’t you been listening? He’s not interested in your grandson. Not yet at least…


Girbits: Can I go home now? I’m exhausted….

You could always stay the night. Winnie here has space available in his bed…

Girbits and Baldwin: NO!!!!

Ok, ok…I get the picture…


Baldwin: Kid, I think you should go home. Your grandma’s starting to scare me…


Grandma: If you even think about laying a hand on my grandson…

Just leave already…gosh…


~sigh~ All this cat ever does is destroy furniture…

Kitty: I just want attention!!!

Then be more interesting!


Finally, these two decided to leave. But not before little Girb started crying.

Girbits: GAHHHH!!! I don’t wanna be betrothed to another man!!!

Suck it up, kid. You’ll learn to love him, I promise.


Boils: Hmmm…I wonder how many of my wonderful, manly traits will be passed down to my offspring…

Let’s hope that none of them do…anyways, this is where we’ll be ending things for tonight. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know I enjoyed writing it. Tune in next time where maybe a baby will be born. Or maybe not. You’ll just have to wait and see. Goodnight everybody 😀

1.1: In Which Some Progress Is Made


Baldwin: Starting the day out with my sexy face, huh?

I will admit, you are pretty adorable. So, I got advice from zefiewings on how to get the psychic career, which I greatly appreciate. Unfortunately, I have a lot of pictures stored up from my three day long play session, so for a while, Boils will not have his ideal career. He will get it eventually though, rest assured.


Baldwin: This working out thing is a lot harder than I expected it to be…

You’ll get used to it, babe. Your LTW demands it.


Boils: Too early…

I sent him to the library to see if I could find the career again.


Obviously, I couldn’t.

Boils: Can I go home now?

You may.


Boils rolled the wish to learn a gardening skill, and then he wanted to join the gardening career, so this will be his form of money making for a while. I don’t garden too much in Sims, so let’s hope I remember to have him tend his plants every day.


Baldwin: I’m bored…

I’m sorry hun, but there’s not much for you to do. You’re leaving for your first day of work in a couple of hours.


I have Boils call Sonoko to see if she’s interested in coming over. Surprisingly, she said yes.

Boils: I told you, ladies love psychics.

You aren’t even a psychic yet, so shush.


Boils: Baby brother, don’t you ever get married. It’s just a lifetime of slavery.

Baldwin: C’mon, Johnson, you can do it! Five seconds left on the clock! It’s all on you! Score! Score! Score!!!


Boils: Us two happy bachelors can just live together in this great pad and have a different babe every night. We’re gonna live the good life.

Baldwin: Dammit, Johnson, you totally had it…you lost us the game…I’m sorry, were you saying something, big bro?

Boils: Nevermind…


Baldwin: My big brother is awesome 🙂


Sonoko finally showed up. Sometimes these Sims come over in an instant. Other times, I wonder if they’re standing us up. All Boils cares about is that stupid garden though…


Boils: So, do you wanna flirt with me yet?

Sonoko: Ewww, no! Maybe if you actually exercised  once in a while, I’d consider it.


Schmoozing time. She will be ours.


Yay! You go, Boils!


Boils: You know, babe, you’re not exactly a goddess, but you’re hotter than me, and that counts for something.


Sonoko: Teehee….I find that strangely charming…


Boils: So, what do you say you break up with that creep of a husband and give your hand to someone more experienced?


Sonoko: You know what? I think I will leave him. You already pay more attention to me than he does.

Let’s see how long that lasts…it was at this point that I realized that her husband was the guy creepily staring at Boils in front of the library. It’s like he knew…


Romance picspam!





We got her to stay the night, but the move in option wasn’t available yet.


What are you reading, Sonoko?

Sonoko: The Fault In Our Stars.

T.T dat book….carry on.


Baldwin: Brother, I’m home!


Baldwin: Who is this woman sitting on my couch?

Oh, that’s your brother’s baby momma.

Baldwin: Oh, ok.

Sonoko: Wait, what?….


The happy couple 🙂


My precious Winnie is still all alone, but I don’t think he minds too much.

Baldwin: I have such a hot bod…


Baldwin: Why am I up so early?…


That’s why.

Baldwin: Awww yeah, feel the burn!


The garden’s coming along. Sort of. It’s rather small, but it gets bigger eventually, I promise.


Sonoko: You’re not that bad looking, really. Not when you get past that grotesque nose…and those demonic eyes…and that barely noticeable mouth…

D’awww, she likes him.


Boils: D’aww, thanks. You’re not so bad yourself, hot stuff.


And then she had to leave for work. But mark my words, she will move in. Today. Or I will likely throw a fit.


Baldwin: Why do I have to fix all the broken stuff?

Because I trust you more than your brother.


See, I told you she’d be back!

Boils: So, how would you like to move in with me?


Sonoko: I’d love to! It’s pretty awkward living with your ex-husband…


Boils: Wonderful! Now, how would you like to celebrate?


I think she would like that very much.


We interrupt this sexy time to bring you a stupid zombie eating my plants! Shoo!


And also, cute kitty on table 🙂


Winnie, you have a bed…the sleeping bag is only for emergencies…


Boils: God, little brother, get out of my room and stop cock blocking!


He stopped cock blocking. Be expecting a hopefully less ugly baby in the future!


I wish these Sims would stop making me buy them things…I don’t want you to be dirt poor like the Kantos…


Back to the book, Sonoko?

Sonoko: Yeah…the real thing isn’t nearly as satisfying as Hazel and Gus’s hotel affair…

Real life in general isn’t nearly as satisfying as anything Hazel and Gus do together…Well, on that note, I’m going to wrap up this chapter. Join us next time when we will hopefully find someone for Winnie. Have a good night!

1.0: Introductions

Hello everyone, and welcome to my second legacy blog. This will be a bit different from the Kanto legacy. In this challenge, I will have two heirs, one very pretty, the other very ugly. I’m going to be doing a prettacy and an uglacy all at once. I’m also going to be doing an ISBI, so that should be interesting. For more details, check out the “About” page. Anyways, let’s get on with the show.


Meet Baldwin Hottie, the founder of my uglacy. He’s an inappropriate, excitable, perceptive athlete with no sense of humor. He would like to be a superstar athlete. 

Baldwin: It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’m sure it’s a pleasure for you as well, since I’m so gorgeous.

He’s also quite egotistical…moving onto our prettacy founder…


This hideous creature is called Boils Bagger.

Baldwin: Hey! That’s my big brother you’re talking about!

My apologies to you. He’s a flirty, charismatic, vegetarian who loves animals and is afraid to commit. He wants to be a celebrity psychic.

Boils: Chicks dig psychics.

Keep telling yourself that…as you can see, we’ve got our work cut out for us.


They live in this humble abode. They each have a bedroom, they share a bathroom, and their kitchen is outside. But it could be worse. They could be sharing a bed and peeing out in the open.


Winnie immediately rolls up the wish to get a job, so he’s shipped out right away.

Baldwin: Aren’t you gonna wait for my brother?


Cab Driver: God, no! That creature terrifies me!


I wasn’t sure how to get the psychic career, so I sent Boils to the library to search on the computer.


I’ll be back to check on you in a minute. Find that career!


Baldwin: I feel so…fulfilled.

Hopefully you’ll be getting that feeling a lot. I’m going to lock in all wishes these two (and all the heirs) roll up as long as they have empty space. My Sims tend to wish for stupid stuff though, so we’ll see how this goes.


Baldwin: This flower bed…it’s almost as beautiful as me…

That’s great and all Winnie, but shouldn’t you be spouse hunting?

Baldwin: I’ll have no problems finding a girl, don’t you worry. I’m too gorgeous to turn down.



Any luck?

Boils: Nope.

Oh well, I guess we’ll see what careers are offered tomorrow.


Boils wanted to buy a charisma book and learn a charisma skill. I guess he doesn’t want to sit down to read.


This guy showed up and just stared at Boils for the longest time.


Mitch: Holy crap, it’s a monster!

Late reaction, bud.


Winnie wanted to jog, so I had him go to a park which will hopefully have lots of people in it.

Baldwin: I just love the feeling of the wind rushing through my beautiful locks.


This guy’s queer looking, but he’s here with his girlfriend or wife or whatever. Perhaps his offspring will prove useful in later generations.


These people are nothing special, although this girl is kind of a drama queen.


Too pretty for Winnie.


Gah, we should’ve sent Boils here instead…


This girl isn’t bad looking, nor is she an adult, but Winnie keeps rolling wishes to talk to her.


Baldwin: It’s gonna be ok, kid. Whatever’s troubling you will pass, now that I’m here.

Becky: Thank you…I think…


Baldwin: Say, you should take up a sport. As long as you’ve got a hot bod, nothing bad can happen to you.

Words of wisdom from our beloved Winnie.


Still not finished with that book?

Boils: Nope.

Uggg…I want you to meet potential spouses already…


The two talked for a while longer while I checked on Boils. I guess Becky’s kinda warming up to our Winnie.

Becky: He’s kinda hot…

That he is, my friend. That he is.


Baldwin: Kiss me!

Becky: Ewww, no! Get away from me you pedo!

Oh, inappropriate Sims….I swear, I did not try to force him on this teenaged girl. He did that himself…


Boils: I’m finished. Can I go home now?

Nope. We’re going to find you some potential spouses.


D’aww, true love. I got a popup a while after this saying that the broke up 😦


She’s not bad. Not exactly ideal though.


When I first saw this woman, I thought she had a terrible nose that I wanted in my uglacy, so I sent Baldwin to talk to her.


Boils, in the meantime, kept rolling up wishes to talk to and flirt with this woman.

Boils: Just so you know, I will never ever marry your.

Sonoko: That’s fine by me.

I wanted to keep searching, but Boils seemed pretty confident that this was the girl he wanted.


Man: This hideous beast is in the way of my game…

He kept doing this ALL NIGHT. You’re in the way of my picture taking, guy. Shoo!


Baldwin finally arrived, and I decided that she’s really not that ugly, so I just sent him home.

Woman: This man is gorgeous…but he stinks…

Yeah, sorry bout that. He’s been jogging.


Boils: Just to reiterate: I will never marry you.

Sonoko: Just to reiterate: I don’t care.

For someone with commitment issues, he sure talks about marriage a lot…


Boils: So, how’s about you and I go back to my place and…

Sonoko: No thanks. I’m leaving now.

Too bad, Boils. Maybe now you’ll stop rolling wishes for her? (Spoiler alert: He doesn’t.)


Baldwin: Oh, so you’ll pay attention to be while I’m naked, I see.

Shut up…it’s not my fault your brother’s the only one making any progress toward a second generation…


With both the boys back home and their needs (mostly) taken care of, it’s time to call it a day. Will the two boys find mates? Will Boils ever get his dream job? Will poor Becky get over the psychological torment of a grown man coming onto her? Find out next time in: Hottie and Bagger: A Dual Uglacy/Prettacy.